Hi There! I'm a flutist, pianist, composer, and  teacher who lives in Lombard, IL. Instead of a boring bio, here's some interesting facts about me!

1. I play in a Celtic rock band called "Logical Fleadh." I have lots of different flutes and whistles which I play in performances. I also play in local orchestras and musicals.

2. I lived in London for two years, where I studied for my Masters Degree in Music.

3. I went to DePaul University for my undergraduate degree in music.

4. I referee varsity highschool soccer games in my spare time and have been to the IHSA state finals twice!

5. I arrange and compose on a regular basis, mostly for solo piano or flute choir.

6. I am married and have an awesome red dog named Rusty.

7. I love gardening and house plants.

8. I love sci/fi fantasy and detective novels.

9. I watch a lot of Kdramas.

10. I ride a motorcycle for fun.